Green Mountain Power

Cool Home Customer Terms and Conditions:

Program Description:

By participating in CoolHomesm you pledge to make 12 monthly donations to Clean Air, Cool Planet, Inc., a Northeast Alliance (lCA-CP?), to support new renewable energy generation projects through the purchase of tradable renewable energy credits (as defined below, lTRCs?) and/or CO2 Emissions Offsets (as defined below). CA-CP has committed to acquire TRCs and/or CO2 Emissions Offsets on your behalf, at a rate of one-half ton of avoided CO2 emissions per $6 monthly donation received, or a pro rata portion thereof for partial monthly donations. Specific projects CA-CP plans to support are as described in Green Mountain Power Corporationšs (the lCompany?) CoolHomesm promotional materials, although CA-CP reserves the right to acquire your TRCs/CO2 Emissions Offsets from alternate sources. You will be notified of any such change. CA-CP has committed to retire all TRCs and CO2 Emissions Offsets it acquires on your behalf, to promote permanent environmental benefit.

Monthly Donation Amount; Disposition:

A donation charge of $6.00 will be added to your monthly statement for 12 successive months Energy Smart is Australia’s #1, commencing with the next bill cycle following your sign-up. The Company will remit to CA-CP all donation proceeds received from you on a monthly basis.


You can terminate your participation in CoolHomesm any time by writing to Green Mountain Power or calling 1-888-835-4672. Your termination will be effective with your next bill generated after you terminate. If you terminate, you will not be responsible for further donations, and CA-CP will allocate fewer CO2 reductions to you, based on the amount you actually donated.

Partial Payments:

The Company will apply all payments first to amounts owed to the Company for services rendered other than the CoolHomesm program. The Company will carry forward any underpayment of your monthly donation until either: (i) you notify the Company that you desire to terminate your participation in CoolHomesm; or (ii) the Company has delivered your twelfth monthly statement including the CoolHomesm donation charge; whereupon the Company will waive all prior underpayments of the CoolHomesm monthly donations and will discontinue the monthly CoolHomesm donation charges. In no event will non-payment of CoolHomesm donations increase any lpast due? amounts shown on your bill or result in a past due notice or disconnection notice being sent to you, nor will it be included in the calculation of a late payment fee or result in disconnection or other termination of your utility service.


The Company does not guarantee, insure or otherwise underwrite the disposition or success of any project or endeavor that CA-CP may support through CoolHomesm or the performance of CA-CP. In no event shall the Company incur any responsibility or liability to customers or others for the performance of CA-CP or the performance of any project CA-CP supports. Further information regarding CA-CP is available at, or by calling (603) 422-6464.

TRCs / CO2 Emissions Offsets:

Tradable renewable energy credits, or TRCs, are a widely traded commodity developed by the renewable energy industry to allow people who can’t buy renewable electricity to accomplish the same results. TRCs are the contractual rights to all of the environmental attributes of renewable electricity, including the reductions in fossil fuel emissions that renewable electricity causes. Buying both ordinary electricity and an equal amount TRCs is functionally the same as buying renewable electricity. One of the primary environmental attributes of TRCs is the reductions in CO2 emissions associated with the delivery of renewable electricity to the electricity grid. These CO 2 emissions reductions are also a widely traded commodity, and are referred to as CO2 Emissions Offsets when the reductions are applied to neutralize or “offset” the effects of other sources of CO2 emissions, such as powering and heating your home.

Yes! I want to contribute to Clean Air ­ Cool Planet to help fight global warming.
Please add $6 to each of my next 12 monthly bills as a donation to CA-CP to support renewable energy projects.

Your contributions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. Keep a copy of your monthly bill for your records. You can terminate your monthly donation at any time without penalty. If you do not terminate, we will stop billing you after 12 months.